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The Blue Ridge Voyageurs

List of River Rankings

In 1992 the BRV conducted a survey of its members asking them to rank, by order of difficulty, a list of 74 rivers BRV members had paddled. The purpose of this effort was to provide a mechanism for BRV members to judge the relative difficulty of a river by comparing it against other rivers they had run. BRV member Ron Knipling conducted the survey and tabulated the results to come up with a ranked list of 68 rivers BRV members had paddled.

Recently, the Monocacy Canoe Club (MCC) saw the value of this information for its members and asked the BRV if they may use our survey results as the start of a much larger river ranking effort to be posted on their website. The BRV agreed and the MCC expanded the list to include over 180 rivers or river segments in the Eastern Applachian area, all ranked by BRV and MCC members and others. You may view both BRV's original survey results or the current river rankings maintained by the MCC.

BRV's Original Survey Results MCC's Current River Rankings list